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Staying Safe in Your Own Home

You want to feel safe in your own home, so it’s concerning to learn that most injuries occur inside residences. Bathrooms are the most likely spot for debilitating falls, but by installing safety bars you may greatly reduce your chances of injury in this danger zone. Bars can allow you to safely care for yourself and maintain a sense of independence.


Regular bathing is important but sometimes risky, as the walls and floor of your shower usually become very slippery. Stepping in and out or maneuvering around in the stall can be dangerous for the most able-bodied individual, but those with disabilities face even greater difficulty. Impaired balance and mobility might make you fearful of showering on your own, but installing handicap bars for showers can help you move with confidence. They may also make your shower more accessible if you’re in a wheelchair, and provide greater stability if you use a shower seat. At least two safety bars are recommended, one placed near the entrance to the shower and another on a sidewall.


Taking a bath is often a better option than showering if mobility has become challenging, so it’s important to address safety concerns that might prohibit you from feeling secure in your tub. The installation of grab bars to support you as you enter and exit the bathtub may allow you to move on your own with greater confidence. The support they provide can help give you a sense of independence as you safely attend to your own needs. Depending on the style of your tub, you may wish to install bars on a nearby wall as well as on the side rims for maximum stability.


It isn’t just wet showers and bathtubs that may be dangerous. Sometimes rising up too quickly from a seated position can cause dizziness, and the same balance and mobility issues that create problems while bathing are also perilous when using the toilet. Regardless of where your commode is situated, bars can be installed to assist with your ability to move up and down safely. Wall-mounted and even foldable options are available, so you’ll be able to make a selection that fits your needs without necessitating an extensive remodel.

It’s true that your bathroom often poses many dangers. By installing grab bars in and around your shower, bathtub and toilet, you can reduce your risk of falls and feel much safer in your own home.