Group works on Junk Removal

What will become of the collected waste? How will they be transported to the collection points? What should we sort?

As a reminder

Only plastic bottles and cans in perfect condition can be recycled. Anything that is degraded or soiled by vegetation, soil or weather, even plastic and aluminum, will have to finish its race with conventional household waste.

Set up cleaning teams

Also choose a natural volunteering platform to communicate about the event. Also think about warning the local population via an email campaign, word of mouth, the creation of a dedicated page on social networks, a public display, and the local press.

Bring together the most motivated people to outline the main lines of the operation together (plan of the walk, fun activities, buffet, awareness of eco-friendly actions, etc.). The junk removal fairfax va or junk removal houston tx services are the bests to consult in this case.

Junk collection

One month before the operation, set up a registration system to get an idea of ​​the number of participants. If you want to publicize the event, it may be fashionable to request an image rights authorization (it can also be requested upon departure).

For more consistency, it is wise to set up carpools since transport often has a significant environmental impact.

What to do and plan on the day of the collection of litter?

It is important to identify the rallying point of the participants so that no one gets lost on the way.

Brief everyone

  • Remind participants of the main safety instructions:
  • Wearing of gloves, fluorescent waistcoat and closed shoes compulsory
  • Ban on handling hazardous waste Etc.
  • Provide a first aid kit.

Form groups and distribute maps of the routes as well as the necessary material for each of them (count a large bag for 3 people). And let’s go for the big fundraiser.

When the cleaning teams return

For this cleaning operation to bear fruit, it is worth taking stock of the collection:

  • Weigh each bag.
  • Empty the bags onto a tarp to visually measure everything that has been picked up. Then sort the waste into major categories (glass, wood, metal, plastic, non-recoverable waste) for recycling.
  • Take a photo of the group behind this mountain of trash.
  • Start a discussion on the problem of waste, the pollution they generate and the eco-friendly actions to adopt to reduce the number.

Junk collection

It is then time to end the operation by thanking all the participants in a friendly way to make them aware of the means to go even further: buffet, various games such as a competition for the most unusual waste, making objects with the rubbish collected, workshop to raise awareness of sustainable development and commercial trash removal kailua kona hi or junk removal bloomington mn.

Negative aspects: special vans for handling and emptying

(Euro) Plastic bins

Junk bins, whether they are at European standards or not, are the best known solution for junk collection and storage.