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Feel The Freshness With A Smart And Sustainable Design

If you want to enjoy the fresh air at any given point of the day, then a beautiful balcony would suffice the requirement. It will not only add the ambiance to revive yourself with energy but also helps to enjoy the greenery of nature outside. Thus balcony designfalls under the interior design of the house to provide a vision of a trendy luxurious lifestyle.

Balcony- An Overview

All of you must have seen a balcony and know about the basic design. In a layman’s perspective, a balcony is an outward wall projection from the wall of the building which is present above the ground floor of the building. Balcony helps the dweller to fulfill his or her dreams in a small space. The place serves the purpose of an outdoor either to enjoy nice weather or fresh air. Thus Balcony design has become an essential element in the design process of the house or apartment.

Elements of Balcony design

There is a vast number of elements found in a typicalbalcony design. The elements are selected mainly and solely on my discretion and hope most of the elements would be ideal for those who are at this field or a fashion freak. Following is the list of some of the leading and popular aspects of the balcony design.

  • Balcony Railing

It is an essential aspect of the design process of the balcony. The fundamental role is quite prominent i.e., for safety purpose. The major part depends on the choice of the material and amount of space engaged.  The choice of the material in the railing would depict your taste and style statement. There are some of the types of balcony railing used in balcony design which are as follows-

  1. Wrought Iron Railing-

In this type of balcony railing, wrought iron is the main ingredient of the railing. It not only provides the elegance flavor to your balcony design, but also adds a glimpse of traditional European architecture. You can modify or can add some ornamental elements to the railing to look more aesthetic and stylish.

  1. Glass Railing

Glass railing provides not only crystal clear appearance but also provides a lasting impression such that you will never want to leave the balcony. With the emergence of modern design, the clarity and sleekness of clear glass railing are becoming extremely popular.

  • Flooring

Flooring is an important aspect, and you must make a matching and relatable floor with balcony decor. There are two main types of flooring which are carried mainly in a balcony design.

  1. Wood

If you don’t have enough space and prefers to build a small balcony, then wood flooring would be the best for the job. You can get a classic look with wood decking by the use of specific stains to maintain an elegant and traditional look. You can also use interlocking tiles in between the wooden floor, which will impart a unique aesthetic element. It will add some exclusive style statement to your design.

  1. Concrete

If you have a pretty basic type of concrete balcony and wants some innovation into it, then you should modify the flooring with specific stains. Stains for the concrete flooring come into two primary forms. First one is reactive stain which uses acid to make a unique design on the floor. The color options are quite limited here. The second one is nonreactive stains which are water-based acrylics and looks more like paint. In this, there is an extensive option for the color, but it is not as much unique as reactive stains but is quite beautiful to view.

  • Decor

The decor is more of decorations that is possible in the balcony. In this aspect, your balcony is like a blank canvas where you can add some elements for a specific theme to make everything beautiful and aesthetic too.

Some of the leading decors are as follows-

  1. Eclectic decor

In this decor, you will engage your space with bright colors. Moreover, you can add some ornamentals to ornate the design. You can also use oversized cushions along with lightings to create an exotic glimpse on the balcony. Natural wood stones will serve the background to the vibrant colors.

  1. Modern decor

Modern decor is based mainly on minimal use of accessories. The primary motto is to keep things simple. The color schemes usually comprise of black and white, but you can add one or two bright colors in the cushions. The primary characteristic of the modern decor is the use of open space.


Though the balcony takes small spaces, it has enough potential in design purposes. If you want to connect your gallery to the outdoor spaces, then you can add a staircase to it, which will reduce the footprint space. So without wasting any time consult a designer and upgrade or innovate in smart and sustainable balcony design for better tomorrow.