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Choosing Best flooring for Your Home, If You Live in Humid and Hot Climate

Choosing the right flooring, especially for your home is quite confusing. This particularly true, if you are living in a region where climate is too humid and hot. In such places, it is necessary to be careful as all kinds of flooring material may not suit such locations. There can always be chances of cracking or warping if you select wrong flooring.

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Let us see what the various options available to us, as far as flooring materials are concerned.

  • Engineered timber

Engineered timbers are made by using several different layers, which make it more moisture resistant. It will be durable almost like solid timber. However, solid timber may expand and contract in extreme temperature that develops warps and cracks.

Engineered timber will also last in climate of hot and humid for decades. Also, it will be much cheaper as compared to solid timber, and also much easier to install.

  • Laminate

Also, laminate floorings are quite durable, which are great for even humid and warm climate, but few laminate types of flooring may also absorb moisture. Simply choose only a laminate floor that is made out of high-pressure laminate.

Due to this variation that is made by using special glue, it minimises moisture absorption, and makes it ideal for humid condition. Laminate is quite durable, stain-resistant and also easy to install.

  • Luxury vinyl

One of the most attractions of vinyl is, it can easily replicate the appearance of wood, and also resist moisture absorption and makes it perfect choice for humid and hot areas. These luxury vinyl works quite well in areas like kitchens, basements, or bathrooms which are generally wet areas. 

Vinyl can also offer wide design range options, so you can have an aesthetic choice for pleasing everyone. They also can be easily cleaned, needs low maintenance and also quiet. Check for Wood Floor company Long Island.

  • Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is also durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly floor material that offers warmth, beauty and character of natural product. Being a hard material, it can withstand better when kids play with their toys.

Few pros:

  • Won’t scratch like many other flooring materials
  • Much cost-effective than solid timber
  • Bamboo is fast growing and also renewable material source
  • In damp climates it can be used


  • Thinner than solid wood, hence will not have thermal benefits of the timber.
  • Multi-layer hybrid flooring 

Another waterproofing flooring which is great solution for those homes is the near by the coastal areas of Australia where climates have wide variations. Such boards will have minimum expansion and contraction as temperatures will change. 

Multi-layer hybrid flooring is stylish yet practical, which can always be used all throughout your entire house or even in the apartments.

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