4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

Whether your home is new or old, your roof is still susceptible to decay and leaks, especially if you live in an area of high winds and frequent storms. Be on the lookout for these telltale signs that there’s a problem growing under (or on) your roof.

The Shingles Aren’t Flat

Akin to your roof’s skin, these might be your first obvious sign that something’s wrong. Look out for curling and cracking, as well as balding on shingles. If they are askew or seem to be falling out of place, it’s not an issue that can be pushed off for another day, and should be addressed quickly.

You Notice a Lot of Growth

Growth, in this situation, isn’t a good thing. It might look picturesque and quaint, but if your roof is a private nursery for moss and weeds, that may be an indication of high moisture in your shingles. This can lead to roof rot. 

The Roof Is Groovy

Any sort of sagging of your roof isn’t just a red flag, it’s a whole parade of them, as it could be a sign of some pretty major structural issues. Before you end up with a roof collapse, you should contact a professional roofing company Laurel MD for an inspection. They can help establish a cause and figure out the best way to address the issue.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

Sometimes peer pressure isn’t a bad thing. If your neighbors are having their roofs replaced it might be your cue to look into it too. If the ages of their homes match yours, it could be the writing on the wall that problems are around the corner and it’s best to get proactive. 

Roof repair and replacement can be a big undertaking, but it’s better than waiting for your ceiling to fall in. A qualified contractor can take out all the guesswork and worry, leaving you with a safe and satisfactory roof.