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Buying a house in Florida after retirement

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Retirement. It is a great chance to introduce a change in your life. Mainly, finding the right retirement home is something a lot of retirees want to do. However, there are things you should consider before doing this. For example, getting a mortgage while retired might be difficult. In order to help with this we have put together a guide on buying a house in Florida after retirement.

Figure out your budget

The first step to buying a house in Florida after retirement: figure out how much you can spend. A large factor in this is expected income and expenses. Think about how much money you will need, on a monthly basis, to suit your needs. Once you know that, it’s time to figure out how much you can spend on a mortgage and house maintenance. And always remember to leave some extra money for emergencies and improvements. Of course, taking care of your monthly installments is a priority, but it is very important to have enough funds to treat yourself well too. If your budget allows it, you might even want to consider selecting home furniture for an upgrade. After all, your home should always feel as comfortable as possible, especially in retirement.

Figuring out your exact budget should be your first step.

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House security

A valid concern for anyone looking to buy a house is security Especially as a senior, security should always be in high priority. As such, looking for houses with already established security systems is a great idea. Security features such as a gate-house, security alarm systems and CCTV cameras are what you should be looking for. And if you can’t find a home with these features already installed, it should be your top priority to get them installed as soon as possible. Safety is something you should always worry about, and these types of systems help quite a lot with keeping out home invaders.

Consider downsizing

Moving to a new home is a great chance for a change and perhaps it is time to downsize to a smaller home? Downsizing comes with a few benefits. For one, smaller houses are always cheaper, and you can earn money for your new home by selling unwanted things. Besides, there are many cities in Florida which are downsizing friendly. Oxford, Lake Wales and Orlando, to name a few, are the most popular cities for this. Of course, downsizing isn’t for everyone. And while it comes with some sizable benefits, you should still think carefully if it is really the option for you.

A smaller home can feel quite cozy, and it is also much cheaper.

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House pricing

The most important factor to consider when buying a house in Florida after retirement is how much it will cost. Of course, your first worry should be that you have enough money, month to month, to live comfortably in your home. But, before that, you should do your research into how much houses cost in the area you plan to move to. If the house you are looking into is cheap enough, you could even avoid the hassle of taking out a mortgage entirely. On the flip side, if the house is too expensive then you should know ahead of time and prepare yourself for the process of taking out a mortgage. Most lenders are hesitant about giving out loans to retirees, but it isn’t impossible. You should be prepared for this.

Hire an agent

In order to make the process of finding a house as easy as possible, hiring an agent is an excellent choice. Always try to find an agent with experience in the area you are considering. Experts who work in a specific area will be able to point out the best houses to you without hassle, and they can help you throughout the entire process of buying a house. Because of this, having an agent help you when acquiring a home is vital, especially if you’re not too familiar with everything involved in the process.

A real estate agent will make the process much easier for you.

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Maintenance costs

One very important thing to look out for when buying a house in Florida after retirement is how old the house is. To put it simply, if the house you are buying is old, you will have to pay more for maintenance. Older houses tend to come with issues, and once you are the owner, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. These costs tend to rack up quite a bit in some cases, to the point where it might be more expensive to fix the house than buy it. As such, you might want to avoid old houses entirely when researching homes you want to buy.

Moving into your new home

Once you have bought your new home, it is time to organize a move. As a retiree, organizing a DIY move is a very bad idea. Moving in general requires a lot of work, even without having to work out every little detail by yourself. So, when moving in retirement, it is always a better choice to hire movers who will get the job done for you. Experts from always recommend looking for experienced movers with a history of helping seniors move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Taking out a mortgage

Taking out a mortgage while in retirement can get a little difficult. When taking out a mortgage, the lender will need proof of source of income. If you are retired however, they will have to check alternative sources of income. These include social security payments, retirement benefits, pension and so on. Also, you can qualify for a mortgage if you have investments which can act as your source of income. Moreover, you should consider that most lender will only give retirees 10-15 year mortgages.

Sell your old home

If you lived alone before moving into your new house, then it could a good idea to sell it in order to mitigate some of the costs. Simply put, if you don’t plan on going back to your previous home then you should sell it off in order to add to your budget. Just remember to avoid these mistakes when selling your home.

Closing thoughts

Buying a home in retirement isn’t too much different than buying a home normally. But, the differences can be significant, although they aren’t too difficult to overcome with some planning. We hope you found this guide on buying a house in Florida after retirement helpful.

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