How To Add Wood Accents To Your Home’s Exterior

If you are interested in home design shows or magazines, then you’ve probably seen wood accents popping back up in current trends. Wood is one of the most traditional building materials. However, the way it is used is always changing. That is one of the many wonderful things about wood, its versatility. While you may be used to seeing wood floors and accents inside a home, exterior details are also benefiting from this functional product. If you are thinking of making custom upgrades to the exterior of your home, then wood is the perfect material. Follow these guidelines to make sure your exterior looks current, instead of like a log cabin.

Match Wood Tones

If you already have a wooden fence or porch railing, then match new exterior accents to that tone. Or, replace them all to match. Too many wood tones look messy and convoluted. If you have a clean slate, then start by finding doors in a wood finish you like. Carriage house garage doors styles Hesperia CA come in a variety of tones and stains. Garage doors take up a lot of visual square footage of your home, so find ones you love. Then, look for an entryway door in the same tone and finish as the garage doors.

Soften With Landscaping

Wood is an organic material that gives a warm, comfortable feeling. That can sometimes make it feel heavy and dark. Therefore, if you are adding wood elements to your home, they should be balanced with light, soft touches. Trees, flowers and shrubbery not only complement heavy accents but also enhance the natural feeling of your home.

Create Contrast

If you are adding a cool new accent to your home, then you want it to be noticeable. A dark wood privacy panel will blend right into a dark house color. Just like trim, accents should contrast with the rest of the exterior. If your home is a light color, then opt for a dark rich wood tone. Dark homes look stunning with light wooden columns and decking. Remember to make those exterior updates pop!