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Bradford White Water Heater Brand: Good, Bad or Smart?

Water heaters are a must for every household during winter or any climate. Because of the availability of varieties of water heater brands, it might be overwhelming for the customers to make the best choice. However, the most trending water heater that you’ll find in the market is the Bradford White Water Heater. It is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water heaters in the industry. So it is not only popular but also stands out amongst the other competitors in this segment. One of the best things about Bradford water heaters is that all the products have outstanding specifications and features. It offers excellent value in terms of price, design, style, longevity, and safety.

Why Bradford is the top choice among the households?

One of the best things about Bradford is that it has constantly strived to bring innovation and creativity to the products. As far as innovation and customer experienced is concerned, Bradford has been considered the best. There are a few reasons why water heaters from this brand have become the top choice among the households. It can be stated as follows:

  • Special tank lining to prevent corrosion– One of the major problems with a water tank is that it is susceptible to corrosion giving way to leakages and damages. Bradford is known for installing a special kind of tank lining to prevent corrosion. This lining is known as Vitralgas. All their products have this special tank lining and this has to been done to ensure the longevity of the products. Vitralgas enhances the durability of the tank, thus making it last longer.
  • Installed with a safety system to prevent fire– Bradford has been an exceptional brand and it much ahead of the other competitors. All the products have been installed with a safety system to prevent fire. To manage flammable vapors, a vector effect has been made in the ignition chamber. In other water heaters, you’ll find flammable vapors get inside the heater which ultimately burns it down. This vector effect has been created to fight against these flammable vapors and prevent fire.
  • ICON System– An exclusive installation in the Bradford water heaters is the ICON system. This is a technology that has been designed for the convenience of the users. It allows the users to control the usage of hot water. This feature allows you to adjust the water temperature as per your needs.

Bradford has the best customer care service

Do you know why Bradford is considered as the most reputed brand? The brand takes pride in offering a 24/7 customer care service for all customer queries and requirements. They’re aware of the fact that the users can face problems with the heaters at any time of the day. To ensure constant support and committed service, the customer care team is always ready to assist with any kind of problem. The team has professionals who have been trained to offer effective solutions for different water heater problems. So if you’re planning to install a water heater system at home, Bradford is the best choice for you!