Home Improvement

What To Look For in a Home

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new home. Congratulations! The ability to purchase a home is a direct result of the hard work you’ve put into saving money. Before you start spending your hard-earned savings, though, you should brush up on these three basics of what the home buying process entails.

Market Price

When looking at Smithfield VA homes for sale, make sure you have a strong understanding of what current market prices are, then see if the home you’re interested in is fairly priced. Talk to a real estate agent about whether the home price is negotiable. (Some sellers are not willing to budge on their asking price.) Through careful negotiations, you can often end up paying less than what the home is listed for. 

Work To Do

When touring the home, see if there are any improvements you feel need to be made. Think about these improvements as additional costs to add onto the listing price of the home. When there is work to do, you will incur the cost – both physically and monetarily – of completing it.


The popular mantra “Location, location, location” is always mentioned when buying a home. Why? That’s because you must consider factors such as the neighborhood, school system and proximity to business centers. A home’s price is not only reflective of the physical structure itself. The location of the home plays a big role in how the price is determined. Therefore, make sure the location of the home you are purchasing meets all your needs and is worth the final asking price.

When purchasing a home, market price, necessary renovations and location are three factors that you need to consider in order to ensure that you are making a safe and logical investment. Good luck on your home buying journey!