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Better Understanding Hot Water Systems

Plumbing is not an easy trade to learn. It covers a large range of different knowledge, skills and jobs, and it takes an expert to handle things like a hot water system installation. Everyone needs to use a plumber at some time whether at home, commercially or industrially. Something will need repairing, replacing or maintaining. The plumbing system does not just keep ticking along without routine help. Just as you look after yourself by seeing a doctor, your plumbing and your hot water systems need attention too. A good plumber can get the problem fixed in a short time, for a fair charge without too much fuss!

Different hot water systems

When it comes to your hot water system there are different types to consider. Before hot water installation Perth, you need to think about whether gas, electric, or solar is best for you and your needs.

Electric type options

Electricity is popular because it is easy to access and you can time your use around the peak and off-peak hours so your charges for its use are lower. If you want to lower your use of electricity during peak hours it means having a storage tank. Heating water with electricity is more expensive but putting in an electrical system is more affordable and in most cases, the simplest type to put in.

Solar type options

To heat by solar, you need the panels to trap the sun’s energy. Water flows through the solar panels and it is heated and then stored in tanks. It is best to have large tanks for this method so you have hot water for when the sun is weaker or it is dark. Solar is more costly to buy and to have a hot water system installation but you are not paying for the hot water once it is heated so the costs are recovered and it is obviously a better option for the environment. If you have a lot of people in the home you might need a gas or electric booster.

Gas type options

If you have a gas connection then you can choose to have a gas hot water installation Perth. Gas is more affordable to heat water in comparison to electricity, and there is no need to look at off-peak versus peak rates, so you can use it day, night or when you want to. Installing the system is more expensive and you need a professional gas fitter to handle it. You can opt for tanks, or a continuous flow system.For the latter, extra gas is needed to heat water. Furthermore,larger pipes are required so that you and your family have instant hot water.