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Australians Are Falling In Love With Pergolas

The influential Australian Design Review magazine recently published an article on the biggest outdoor design trends for 2020. Going by the article, Australians are keener to do their own gardening this year, rather than get someone else to do it for them. They’re also embracing a wider range of plants in their gardens, beyond the tried and true species that have graced Australian homes for generations. There’s also a push to incorporate more natural materials and colours into Australian gardens.

One of the other more noteworthy trends in 2020 is the rising popularity of the pergola. The pergola is becoming a fixture in Australian backyards for a number of reasons. They are a good fit with any garden design, thanks to the range of designs from modern and contemporary through to quaint and traditional providing a haven where someone can retreat and relax in their own backyard.

When considering a pergola we recommend considering an Opening Roof that will open up your home to the outdoors and provide indoor outdoor flow. Louvretec has a range of Opening Roofs as well as the retractable roof.

If old fashioned pergolas have any downsides it is this; they’re good in the dry but not so good in the wet. Most traditional pergolas feature a criss-cross of timber over the top of the structure to provide a shadowed area below. While this maps out an actual area it really isn’t functional.

Louvre opening roof systems bring the best of both worlds to a pergola. When it’s sunny, the roof can be retracted to let the sunshine in, and further adjusted to provide ongoing shade as the sun changes position in the sky. But on one of those days where summer showers make frequent appearances, the roof can be closed to provide shelter. This allows everyone relaxing in the pergola to stay right where they are without having to retreat indoors.

As pergolas become common sights in local homes, so too are retractable roofs or non-retractable Opening Roofs creating the ultimate pergola. This specialist in opening roofs is reporting increased demand for their product to be put on top of backyard pergolas all over Australia. If pergolas are a garden design trend for 2020, then retractable roofs and Opening roofs for pergolas are surely another.