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If the project is not yet completed, see the section on shared construction. At the same time, this unfinished project must have a clear and understandable plan for creating a condominium, with deadlines, responsible persons, with all the necessary preliminary lists of common property and preliminary calculations of shares. Require familiarization with such a plan; include this plan in the responsibilities of the seller-developer.

Advertising Is Not A Fact, It Is Just Drawings

What you see on the advertisement of a residential complex, in part of the territory and common areas, are just words and pictures, not supported by anything. No legal guarantees.

There Is No Guarantee Of The Boundaries Of Common Areas

In practice, this has repeatedly led to the appearance of shops or other private buildings in the courtyard of a residential building; the sale of the foyer of a residential building (yes, the entry can be so large and can be sold) into separate ownership for a pub or for something that does not fit in with the common understanding of what can be in the foyer of a residential building. This is true about the Charan Condo (คอนโด จรัญ, which is the term in Thai) also.

There is no clear understanding of which communications, which equipment is in common share ownership. It may lead to the following: For example, the chiller will disappear, and it turns out that the management company sold or changed it. This device is responsible for central air conditioning, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Another fundamental case is the new owner of the elevator hall will take money every time you enter and exit the elevator. 

There Is No Information About The Size Of Your Share In Public Places And In The Common Land Plot

It is impossible to verify the correct distribution of the costs of maintaining common property between all tenants and owners of non-residential premises. There is no way to argue with the tax authorities on the rate of taxes charged on common property. 

There Is No Transparent Reporting Of Costs

A management company that the general meeting has not appointed is not obliged to provide the owners with reports as provided for in the legislation. Even if this is prescribed in the contract with her, it is almost impossible to force her to give statements. You can influence only if it is a registered condominium and only if the appointment was based on a protocol in compliance with all formalities. You will not know how much money was spent and on what.