Home Improvement

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Home

Finishing touches can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, yet it can be difficult to decide what finishing touches you require to create your dream home as the options are endless and it’s easy to make mistakes. We have some tips on adding the finishing touches you need to create a beautiful living space for you and your family.

Curtains and Curtain Poles

A bare room can be smartened up with a beautiful set of curtains and complementing curtain poles. A subtle pattern or bold feature here can add some character and definition to your living space, removing the hollow feeling an empty room can bring, adding textures and colours, whilst introducing an element of comfort and cosiness. Curtains not only add a beautiful style to your space, but they’re also a fantastic insulator against any draughts or cold windows. When shopping for your curtains and curtain poles, be sure to consider bespoke made to measure curtains for an added touch of elegance.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are anything relating to textiles such as your pillowcases, bedding, curtains, blankets, throw, rugs, towels, and table linen. Our top tip here is to look at what you currently have in your home, does it need updating? Do your cushions need a new lease of life? You’d be surprised how switching up your soft furnishings can entirely change the look and feel of your home, bringing a smile to your face once more. Refining your upholstery and other soft furnishings is the perfect way to add a beautiful finishing touch to any home, you can even choose to introduce pops of colour this way, to break up a bland room looking for a touch of character and personality.

Accent Décor

Plan your space, how much room do you have? If you’re left with large, bare alcoves, you can introduce some feature seating to welcome guests into your home, with a complementing coffee table creating a designated tea drinking spot. Always include sideboards in a larger room, this breaks up your space and introduces a spot to place smaller feature items, not to mention the additional storage space. Accent décor covers an array of different décor pieces, from picture frames, sculptures, art work, greenery, and vases.


Nothing screams finesse more than centre piece lighting, accompanied by the right balance of lighting throughout your living space. We highly recommend creating stunning focal points using drop pendants over centre islands, and centre piece lighting over your dining table. Additionally, we recommend 2-3 lighting points in each room, depending on the size. This can be made up of a variety of table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights. If your room is smaller, you can focus your lighting up the walls to create the illusion of a taller space, equally, if you feel your room is on the large scale, adding lighting in different forms creates definition and character.