A Guide to Sod Installation for Your Lawn

While equipping your Lawn with compelling decorative pieces, the need for a proper sod is vital. It doesn’t only provide a good look, but also helps in catering to different purposes such as health benefits, environmental concerns, and many others. Most of the Lawn maintenance services emphasize Sod installation as it is among the widely used methods to equip lawns with par quality of grass.

Sod is nothing but the continuous patches of grass that need to be installed as a whole. It can be installed on a rough surface as well as the concrete surface. However, it is prescribed to opt for leveling first and then opting for sod installation. Most of the people are unaware of the sod installation as they find it a bit complicated. Laying sod is not at all difficult if you are opting for practical methods.

Here we are providing some of the tips that can be very helpful during sod installation:

  • The foremost of all is to prepare the soil for sod. Attain 6to 8 inches of soil. Spread it with approx. 2 inches of compost. Add some clay-like soil that traps the moisture and spread some fertilizer also.
  • Leveling the Lawn is the most crucial aspect while installing sod. Opt for different land grading techniques that help in the leveling. While leveling opt for dampening the soil by sprinkling water.
  • Lay the first row with utmost care. Keep a check on the edges and opt for different techniques that help in patting done the sod to attain a flat shape. Keep a check on preventing any air pockets in between the sods.
  • Layer with an additional row that holds the other one. In this row, one can attach the desired grass which acts as a bed.
  • Water the sod adequately as the growth of grass depends upon the way of watering.
  • Keep a check on mowing the sod, as regular mowing helps to attain a beautiful sod look.
  • Fertilizing the sod is very important as it provides much-needed nutrients to the grass.

These are some of the tips that can help you to get a holistic idea about the sod installation.