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How You Can Bring Back The Shine and Sparkle of Your Crystal Chandelier?

Everyone likes it when they see their crystal chandelier shining brightly. Your crystal chandelier needs a good cleaning once a year to maintain its brightness and shine. Most of the time, people handle their chandeliers by themselves on weekends. It is difficult for you to clean a chandelier hung too high or has a complex design. 

You will need professional help with cleaning it. Before you begin cleaning your crystal chandelier, take note of how the design of your chandelier goes together. It will take a lot of your time and stress as many chandeliers have complex designs. You can quickly draw the formation or make it easy by clicking some pictures of the formation.

If you find cleaning your crystal chandelier annoying because of its complex design, then you can opt for a custom-made chandelier with a hassle-free design. With Sofary you can also save some money as they offer quite reasonable prices for their products. They believe in reaching a large number of customers and provide lighting to them.

To help you more with the cleaning, presenting a few tips on how to clean crystal chandelier. 

Points you need to keep in mind

When you are cleaning any electrical fixture, you should take extreme caution. You should follow basic safety precautions and work slowly. For safety measures, turn off the power supply from the breaker box. You should prepare alternative light, or you will end up in the dark.

If you want to complete cleaning by reaching every nook and cranny, take all glass and crystals off. However, letting the glass and crystal attach will make cleaning much faster. Always keep in mind, never rotate or twirl your crystal chandelier. You can move your ladder or walk around the chandelier while cleaning it. 

Twirling or rotating your chandelier may risk losing the support. You can also replace the bulbs or other faulty parts while cleaning your chandelier if it is hard to reach. It will save you from future stress.  

Supplies you need for cleaning chandeliers

The supplies you need for cleaning your crystal chandelier are relatively basic. What you need is –

  • A step ladder
  • Drop cloths or plus pads
  • White gloves
  • Soft lint-free cloth
  • A cleaning solution 
  • Spray bottle

The step ladder will help you in reaching the chandelier. The plus padding will protect crystal or glass prisms from breakage. It will also shield tabletops and delicate furniture in case you drop something while cleaning. White gloves or lint-free clothes will prevent getting any marks or fingerprints. 

You can get any cleaning solution available in the market. If you want a sparkling chandelier, prepare a solution by mixing four parts of distilled water and one part of propyl alcohol. Spray a moderate amount of this solution with the help of a spray bottle on the lint-free cloth and start cleaning. 

Wipe the glass or crystal with the damp cloth and dry it immediately with a dry cloth. You can also clean glass with grime build-up and more dirt using lukewarm sudsy and mild dish soap. You can replace the lint-free cloth with soft white gloves if you don’t have lint-free clothes.