A Comparative Study of Acrylic, Metal and Canvas Prints

The decoration of your house expresses your taste of style, level of your sense of creativity, and personal sentiment as well as your status. The Big Acrylic would be the best and appropriate place for you to determine which photo prints namely from different types of acrylic, metal and canvas prints to decorate your home which will eventually express your creativity, style and sentiment and reflect your status. However, before choosing the final prints, know the difference between the acrylic, metal and canvas prints and determine why and which photo prints is suitable and most appropriate for you.

The acrylic prints are the most modern and trendy methods in order to display your best photos. In acrylic photo prints, your photo is usually directly printed on a 22’ thick clear acrylic which is commonly high standard museum-quality. The acrylic photo prints further give your photo with marvellous substance and depth as light refracts through the acrylic and provides the image outstanding quality.

The back of the acrylic print is normally protected with white UV curable ink coating. The acrylic photo prints often result in glasslike glossiness and brilliant colours especially when light refracts in the acrylic. As far as mounting of your acrylic photo print is concerned, a sturdy French cleat hanging mount would be the appropriate one which sits your print ½” off the wall. Similarly, you can create single image acrylic photo print or can also combine several photos and create a collage acrylic photo print.

On the other hand, the metal print or metallic print offers luminous and sleek artwork where the photos are infused into a 0.04” metal or usually an aluminium panel. The metal photo prints have normally rounded edges with a glossy coating in order to provide a polished and smooth finish.

The metal photo prints are appropriate and suitable for crisp and rich colour photos. As the metal features with a glossy finish, the family photos with sunny daylight works magnificently. In addition to this, the photos which feature glistening waters or metallic architecture suit well for the metal photo prints. The sturdy mounting fixture allows the metal photo prints float off the wall, and similar to the acrylic photo prints, you can either use a single photo or multiple photos in the metallic photo print.

In canvas photo prints, your photo is printed onto a poly-cotton woven canvas and stretched around 1 ½” wooden stretcher bar in order to hang the canvas print on the wall. The canvas photo prints are UV light protected which ultimately prevents cracking and fading.