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4 Home Maintenance Tasks To Put on Your To-Do List

Sometimes in the busyness of life, home maintenance can take a backseat to other concerns. Neglecting certain tasks, though, can actually cost you money in the long run if something goes wrong. Read on to learn about four home maintenance tasks to put on your to-do list.

Paint Your House

If your house is starting to look a bit shabby due to chipped or dirty paint, now is the time to take care of that issue. Without a good, protective coat of paint, your home could be prone to damage from the weather, insects or mold. Alternately, you might consider installing vinyl siding that costs more upfront but requires less maintenance.

Check Sewer or Septic System

Perhaps you haven’t had your sewer or septic system checked in a while, and you’re noticing your drains occasionally clogging up. Now is the time to have a plumber come to check things out, maybe even with a sewer camera inspection. Your plumber might suggest sewer cleaning or septic tank pump out services Orlando FL to get your system flowing smoothly again.

Clean Dryer Vent

Never neglect to clean out your dryer vent at least every year. A failure to do so could mean a less efficient dryer or even a fire hazard. You can often clean your dryer vent yourself with your vacuum cleaner or a kit you can purchase from the hardware store, but if the job hasn’t been done for a while, consider hiring a professional.

Inspect Windows and Doors

Finally, you should regularly inspect your windows and doors. Make sure locks are working correctly. Look for cracks or chips and faulty seals in windows. Check screens for holes or slits. See if your doors are fitting tightly and securely and if the hinges are in good working order. If you find problems, you might be able to make repairs yourself, or you can hire a handyman service.

Don’t neglect these basic home maintenance tasks. They could save you money and hassle over time.