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Having Problem in Aircon Installation? Here Are Your Options 

For the total cost of an air conditioner at home, you have to look at several factors. Of course you first need an air conditioning system, but the installation costs differ per air conditioning system. It is also important to know the capacity for the room where the air conditioning is placed and nowadays there are many options when it comes to the air conditioning control system.

The price you pay for the device itself depends on the type of air conditioner you choose. There are four different types of air conditioners available for private individuals. If you are looking for aircon installation services, you can check out https://lkbrothersaircon.com/services/aircon-installation/.

How do you determine which system you need?

Depending on the space you want to cool, you determine the capacity that your air conditioning needs. That by means of a nice calculation:

The volume of the room = length x width x height. When it comes to space, the multiplier is always 30, 40 or 50. 30 are used for well-insulated spaces, 40 for average well-insulated spaces and 50 for poorly insulated spaces.

How do you determine the installation costs and extra costs for an airconat home?

So there are different air conditioning systems for different capacities for sale and different prices are associated with them. But there are also differences in costs when it comes to mounting and operating systems.

Installing the installation costs for an aircon in the house

Whether you have already purchased an air conditioning yourself and is only looking for an air conditioning specialist who can install your system or whether you are looking for an air conditioning system including an air conditioning installer, we are happy to show you which costs you have to take into account.

These are average indicative prices that our installation companies charge for a job for installing air conditioners. These mentioned prices may deviate from the prices in the quotation.

Extra costs for installing an aircon

In the past, you controlled an air conditioner in your home manually or with a remote control. Nowadays it can also all be done via WiFi and apps. Moreover: Nice such a system at home. But such a large block in the living room or bedroom does not benefit your interior. Fortunately, you can now also have a design air conditioning installed. And do you want to avoid major maintenance costs? Then it is a good plan to conclude a maintenance contract (averaging € 100 per month). In short: Plenty of possibilities.

Warm summer months, great when you are outside. But you want to have a pleasant time indoors. Some cooling is desirable during warm months. With an air conditioner you ensure that. Air conditioners are available in various shapes and sizes, from mobile aircon to split units with several indoor units. If you want to install your air conditioner yourself, you choose a so-called Quick-Connect. These air conditioners are already filled with coolant, so you can easily install them yourself.