Home Improvement

3 Ways To Reduce Home Frustration

The last few months you really go to know your house. In fact, if you haven’t left in a while, you’re probably very aware of every nook and cranny, especially the ones annoying you. Now is a great time to beginning thinking of changes. What can you do to save a few dollars, make some improvements to simply ease your nerves? Here are three options to decrease that “stuck inside” frustration.

  1. Pick a Project a Week

Grab a whiteboard marker or pen and start jotting down your thoughts. Which spaces irritate you the most? Why is that? Is the grout dirty? Are you tired of the closet looking disorganized? Give yourself a chore list, and get busy by knocking off one irritation each weekend. Not only will this get your mind off being trapped in the residence, but you’ll feel oh so good when it’s completed. Simply look online for your supplies, try to order them for delivery or get pick up at your car.

  1. Put it on the Market

Believe it or not, the housing market doesn’t seem to have stalled. People are still buying and selling, so you could try to put your place on the market, and then pick up something you desire more. Before you head this direction, make a list of what you desire and what you currently dislike. Are you looking to invest in energy-efficient homes PA? Do you want to get rid of the second floor? Maybe you want a more open plan. Begin looking.

  1. Create a Relaxation Zone

Being cooped up is hard. Most people want to have some fresh air and space. Try and find a little area that you can donate to getting away from the insanity of the world. Maybe buy a hammock for the backyard. Invest in new porch furniture, adding in some ambiance as well. A little fountain and a water refrigerator may offer something soothing. Head out back when work is over or the news gets too much. If your yard is small, select a little place inside. Can you create a reading nook? Grab a comfy chair and low lighting. Play music on your phone or through another streaming device. Whatever you do, try and let it become your temporary (or permanent) oasis.

The new normal comes at different rates for everyone. In the meantime, give yourself a break in the comfort of your own abode.