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3 quick and easy ways to clean your venetian blinds


Now your Spring clean was almost 6 months ago, your venetian blinds are probably due for another once over. Blinds are often at the back of our mind when it comes to cleaning the house, as floors, furniture, worktops and windows usually come first. But without an occasional clean, dust and dirt can accumulate making cleaning much more difficult when we finally get round to it. So, use this as a reminder. Here are expert tips to keeping your blinds spick and span.

Firstly, you need to decide if your venetian blinds need a light cleaning or a deep cleaning. If you did clean them in the past few months, a light clean should suffice. We’ll get into what to do below. If, however, you neglected the blinds in your last big clean, a deep clean might be on the cards. This will include soaking the blinds… unless they’re wood. Read on for more.

Vacuum your blinds

Regardless of the material, using a vacuum cleaner is surprisingly adept at cleaning your blinds. Blinds are fragile, so when cleaning them, you need to be very careful not to hit them against each other. To make your life easier, fully open the blinds and fully close the windows with the rotating bar. Use the vacuum attachment with a dust brush to clean the blades from the centre to the right edge, back to the centre, and then to the left edge. Make sure to do this to the back and front of your blinds.

Dust and wipe

Now you’ve vacuumed off the settled dust, it’s time to attack the built up of dust and dirt. Use a feather duster or dry cloth to give each slat a quick wipe down before using a soft damp cloth to clean off dirt. If you stay diligent, you will find that there is not much work to do each week. Gently wipe each plate horizontally with a soft cloth or rag. This process will vary slightly depending on the material type of your blinds. Water is not friendly with wood blinds because it can leave stains or marks. Instead, use a wood cleaner or furniture polish.


Soaking your blinds for up to 3 hours (depending on how dirty) is a great way to clean your aluminium blinds. Of course, you’ll need somewhere big enough to soak them. We suggest using your bath to do so. Using a bathtub will get rid of the dust and grime that has accumulated from weeks, months, or years of not cleaning it for a thorough deep clean. First, remove the blinds from the wall by unscrewing the brackets at the end of the box. Laying a towel on the bottom of the tub is a great way to protect your blinds from any scratches in the process and also protects your bath. Fill the tub with warm water, add a small amount of liquid detergent and let them soak. Then gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove any visible stains. Finally, rinse them with clean water. When you’re through, allow your blinds to dry on a towel before giving them a good dry.

If your blinds are damaged or dirty beyond repair, get in touch with a respected blinds company to renew yours.