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Making Greener Choices with your Pool  


More and more pool companies are understanding that making greener choices is becoming more important to their clients. The pool service in Mt Laurel you choose should have knowledge and experience with creating greener pools from the building process and materials used, to running the pool while conserving energy and water. There are a lot of innovative designs and ideas for more environmentally friendly pools and it is a great way to have a positive impact on the environment while still getting the pool you have dreamed of.

Simple tips on a greener pool

Here are some tips of things to consider as you look to make a greener choice in your pool build and your pool operation.

  1. Use fewer chemicals – Chlorine is used to keep the water clean but you or a pool service in Turnersville can use Bromine along with it, which allows you to use less chlorine. You can also check the levels regularly so you do not have to keep shocking the pool with higher levels of chlorine to get it to rebalance.
  2. Put on a pool cover when you are not using it – This helps in a couple of ways, it prevents most of the issue of water evaporation and it stops wasting energy keeping the pool heated when no one is using it.
  3. Think about the filter option – Using a cartridge filter rather than a sand filter as they need less water to keep clean.
  4. Put your pump on a timer – Using a pool pump timer means it is not working when it does not have to, saving energy.
  5. Consider investing in a solar heater – You can get them to keep the pool going and in just 18 months it will have paid for itself.
  6. Consider keeping the water in all year – Draining and filling the pool is a waste of water.
  7. Make sure you have the right pump size – Some people have pumps that are too large and that use energy, you can also consider cutting them down by an hour or two each day. Ask your pool service in Mt Laurel for advice.
  8. Choose a variable speed pump – Rather than having it running at full tilt all day you could have a variable or dual speed pump to reduce energy use.
  9. Put up a windbreak wall – The wind encourages evaporation so if you have a surface preventing some of that, you can conserve water.
  10. Have a natural pool put in – They are chemical-free, use organic matter for filtration and are more eco-friendly.
  11. Stay on top of your leaks – Leaking pools are responsible for a lot of water waste. Call in your pool service in Turnersville to inspect your pool regularly so leaks are caught early and dealt with.
  12. Use LED pool lighting – If you have lights in the pool consider having LED lighting put in as it uses 75% less energy than traditional pool lighting, plus it lasts longer. Save energy and save money.