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Top Ways To Prepare Your Garden for Growing Season

As the winter season winds down and the days become warmer, you’ll want to start preparing your garden for an active and healthy growing season. Here are some of the top ways to prepare your garden for spring and summer.

Get Your Garden Beds In Shape

After a messy fall and cold winter, gardens are usually full of weeds, acorns, leaves and other debris, so you’ll want to start by cleaning them up. If you are planning on receiving a garden mulch delivery McDonough GA, you’ll want to get that set up early to ensure you get your mulch quickly. However, before you spread your mulch, you’ll want to clean up the garden area and adjust your soil as needed by adding compost or other substances to boost soil health and get new plants in the ground. By adjusting soil health early, you can ensure a fruitful growing season and fewer headaches down the line.

Prune Some Plants

Many plants, such as woody herbs, ornamental grasses and shrubs that bloom in the summer should be pruned in early spring. Most fruit trees should also be pruned, but only early on while still dormant. Using proper pruning techniques and timing can ensure fuller growth, healthier plants, and more abundant flowers. As a general rule, any spring flowering plants should only be pruned after they bloom, which would be in late spring or summer. When in doubt, you can always ask your local plant nursery for tips on which plants to prune early and which are best left for winter.

Plant After Threat of Frost

Adding new plants to your garden is probably the most exciting part of preparing for the growing season, but you’ll want to be smart about how you navigate this step. New plants can easily be damaged by frost, so you should only start planting once you are sure overnight frosts are a thing of the past. Once it is safe and you have prepared your garden bed, you can add plants. You should always consider a plant’s growing preferences and mature size to ensure that you place it in the most appropriate spot for gorgeous growth. Once you’ve added your plants, you can spread that mulch you ordered earlier to protect from future weed growth and give your garden a well-maintained appearance.

Gardens in full bloom are a stunning sight to behold, and with a few steps, you can ensure that your plants will be thriving at their full potential during the warmer months.