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3 Modern Heating Sources To Consider During a Home Renovation

You bought your older home and found the classic details charming. From the faded wallpaper to the squeaky floors, even the clunking sounds from the radiator on a cold winter night added to the cozy feeling of home. But now, the charm of some of those things has worn off—mainly the clunking from the radiator. You have a big renovation project in mind, and while it’s underway, it’s the perfect time to replace your old heating system. Here are three modern options for heating installation Berlin MD.

  1. In-Floor Radiant Heat

Traditional radiators have issues with uniformity of heat in each room. If you sit next to the radiator, you’ll need shorts and a t-shirt, while anyone on the opposite side of the room needs slippers and a sweater. In-floor radiant heat provides more even warmth because heat comes up from the floor rather than from one side of a room. It’s also more energy-efficient because it doesn’t run at as hot a temperature to warm a room, thereby saving money on your energy bill.

  1. Baseboard Heater

A hot water baseboard heater is most similar to your traditional radiator but with modern upgrades. This system can run hot water through a system of pipes that helps to circulate warm air into a room and pulls cool air toward the system to be warmed. Baseboard heaters can also run off of electricity, and while they aren’t as efficient as the hot water heater, they still provide a more even warming effect than a traditional radiator.

  1. Heat Pump 

Heat pumps are the newest heating technology. They are more similar to an air conditioning unit in that they pump outside air indoors. Some heat pumps can combine with an air conditioner unit so that there is one system with two functions. These systems don’t require ductwork and can provide separate climate control in each room.

Since you’re planning a renovation anyway, consider all of your options for updating your heating source so that you can fall in love with your home all over again but for new, quieter reasons.