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Why should you install Quartz Countertops?

While remodeling your kitchen and bathroom besides the rooms of your house, start with choosing stylish countertops besides selecting the other fittings, flooring, paints, and even the interior designers at haagconstruct.com, a reliable company to trust your home renovation.

Quartz Countertop is increasing its popularity in the real estate market for being sturdy, stylish, and above all ensures durability to investors. Property owners are often driven by the natural tabletops these days for adding a layer of sophistication in their residence or commercial space. When selecting a quartz counter installation kirkland wa, know the reasons behind the growing popularity of natural stone tabletops.

When selecting a quartz countertop, know the reasons behind the growing popularity of natural stone tabletops.

Exquisite Exterior

“First impression is the last impression”- if you sternly believe in this mantra, the quartz countertop in your bathroom or kitchen is never going to disappoint you. You would love the exteriors for their elegance and one-of-a-kind designs. Quartz is one of the most significant reasons hoteliers and real estate builders prefer installing quartz countertops in bathrooms and kitchens for the sturdiness and good looks.

Best for Busy Kitchens

Quartz table tops are excellent for busy kitchens used by professional chefs. The surfaces built with the honed or natural quartz are sturdy enough to take the pressure of heavy meat cutting and the weight of the hot and gigantic utensils used in restaurants or hotels.

Durable quartz countertop 

Quartz surfaces created from branded manufacturers promise durability. After feldspar, quartz is the mineral found in abundance on the Earth’s surface. For years, the minerals are compressed to form the hard rocks. The seasoning makes the rock pieces harder and, later on- when cut and installed as kitchen and bathroom surfaces—the quartz becomes resistant to heat, scratch, stains etc. The best part is that it ensures durability and easy maintenance.

Plethora of Designs

You can get a wide array of quartz for designer countertops for your favorite kitchen or the bathroom when you are remodeling your home by the haagconstruct.com professionals. In the engineered stones, 93% of natural rock 7% of resin binder is mixed to bring the color and texture per the requirement of the customers.

Polished Quartz Countertop

Get the quartz tabletops sealed to increase the durability and to increase the elegance of the amazing natural rocks. You can get that sealed by experts once a year for retaining the looks of the rock surfaces.

These are some of the viable reasons responsible for the growing popularity of the quartz countertop.