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What To Do If Your Well Stops Working

Getting your household water from a well can be less expensive and sometimes better tasting than the town water supply. However, if something breaks, you can not call the water company to come to fix it. You should know what to do before your water supply dries up so that you can act quickly to restore function when a problem occurs.

Figure Out What the Problem Is

The first thing you need to do when you can not get water from your well is to determine the cause. The most likely causes are lack of water supply, mechanical breakdown involving the well pump or a broken or clogged pipe.

You will want to start your troubleshooting with the easiest and least expensive items to check. Check your breaker box to make sure the breaker that controls your well pump isn’t off. Next, examine the reading for your pressure tank. It should be above 20 psi. If it is, then you probably have a plumbing problem. If not, then your issue is probably the well pump. If the pump and the plumbing are both fine and the power is on, then the water table may be too low for your pump to reach.

Call a Professional

If a malfunctioning well pump is your issue, then you will need to contact a well pump repair Tampa technician to repair or replace your well pump. If your problem is a low water table, you can either wait it out and see if the well functions again after significant rainfall or call a professional to move your water pump deep enough to reach the water table. If you have an electrical problem that flipping the breaker back on does not solve, or a broken pipe you will need an electrician or a plumber.

A well that does not produce water can be a frustrating experience. However, by isolating the problem and contacting the right professional, you can get the water flowing again.

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