Canvas Prints Last Longer with Good Quality Frames

You need to take into consideration several factors to make your canvas prints last longer. One of the main factors that is often overlooked is the frames on which the canvas prints are mounted.

We normally check for the quality of the canvas used for printing our photos. We also go to the extent of querying about the quality of the ink used for printing the canvas photos. These are certainly important areas that you should closely review but it is not enough to stop with these factors. You should also check with your canvas prints company about the quality of the frames used. Today, we have plenty of mounting options, some of them are cheap, some expensive; some are good while others do not last long. You need to make sure to have the right frames on to your canvas prints to make them last longer.

Often as consumers, we may not know the options available and which is the best option when it comes to the photo frames used for canvas prints. So we just take whatever the canvas prints company supplies. Remember, the price that you are paying also includes the cost of the mounting frame so there is no reason why you should not pay attention to this factor. Moreover, the quality of the frame used has a lot to do with the lifespan of your canvas.

If you use a poor quality frames for your canvas prints, the frame may start warping. Once the frame warps, you will not be able to hang your canvas prints on your walls to decorate your rooms because more than becoming a decoration, they will become an eyesore. Besides that, it will also damage the canvas on which photos are printed. Warping can create uneven tension across the canvas and it can damage the artwork. In some cases, poor quality frames can crack forcing you to look for a different frame to mount your canvas print. You can avoid all these hassles by making sure that your photo canvas prints are mounted on good quality frames. Going for cheap mounting solutions will only increase your expenses besides damaging the canvas.

At CanvasDesign UK, we use only the best quality pine frames that are carefully chosen for your photo canvas prints. They are highly durable and they last a lifetime. You can just hang them on your walls and just forget about them and they are meant to be that way. All your canvas prints will come mounted using 38mm pine gallery bars. This one of the best mounting solutions for your custom photo canvas prints. You do not have to worry about poor quality mounting anymore that you will find with other companies. Though we use the best material for your canvas prints, you will find our prices to be still competitive. We make canvas prints that last for generations.