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Ways to Identify the Differences Between Luxury and Regular Apartments

These days, there is a significant growth in the real estate, particularly luxury market. Even though, salaried and middle-class people often choose regular apartments, but luxury condos elevate the scale of quality, convenience, and comfort. According to real estate experts, there is really a high demand for luxury and regular apartments.

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Price of the apartment is not the only factor that influences the people to purchase, there are other factors too. Here is a list of few features that help you in better understanding of luxury and residential apartments.


Usually, the cost of a home or apartment depends on the area and the amenities available. The demand for regular apartments is high because of low costs. Whereas, luxury apartments cost is increasing around 4% to 7% annually.

Investment value

The rental price of luxury apartment is nearly 40% higher than regular apartments. So, it is a very good option to invest in an upper-class neighborhood. As the regular apartments price is steady, for investors who are looking for a regular rental income it is the best choice.


Generally, luxury apartments will have 3 or 4 bedrooms, attached balconies, open kitchen, and some extra space to party in an area of 1800 sq. ft or more. Whereas, regular apartments will have an area of 700 – 1200 sq. ft, all the units including hall, kitchen, and others will be under one roof. 

Comfort and amenities

Luxury apartments offer various amenities like private pools, canopied walkways, Juliet balconies, and much more, to provide comfort for its residents. Also, best quality construction fittings and materials will be used for good standard. All these makes the luxury apartments set apart from the regular apartments. 

In regular apartments, they offer standard amenities like swimming pool, functional gym, community hall, etc for its residents.

Moreover, luxury apartments will have high security such as fire chutes, emergency buzzers, intercoms, and more. Both luxury and regular apartments have high demand finally you need to decide what to choose, but if you want to experience the high-level living standard, then purchasing a luxury apartment is the best option. 



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