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Top Secrets That Can Make You House Smell Amazing

Our sense of smell is often called the most powerful in humans, and it’s not surprising that bad smells can tell us so much about our environment. A space with an offensive odor makes people feel tense or uneasy, while a fragrant home brings joy to those who enter the space.

No wonder great home fragrances have been quite a hit with many homeowners nowadays. A clean home doesn’t have to smell like nothing. You can use a few tricks and smells that are friendly for your nose.

The key is not just spraying fragrance on top of foul-smelling stuff. You’ll get overwhelmed with all the scents, or it might irritate asthma/allergies even more. So what’s best? The answer: neutralize bad odors instead. 

However if you love having some signature scent in your house, then you can find other ideas how you can make things more fragrant around the house without using harsh chemicals (which could ruin those nice fresh air feelings).

Secret #01: Take care of moisture.

You can use a hygrometer to test the humidity level in each room and determine if you need a dehumidifier. If one of your rooms has above 60% humidity, consider using just that particular machine or running more than one at once and see how it goes for energy consumption with their operation.

If it seems too dry or stuffy for whatever reason—for example because of high humidity levels (above 60%) consider using a humidifier and/or running multiple dehumidifiers as needed until they’re regulated at desirable rates.

In a humid environment, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting or rugs because they can trap moisture. Instead consider keeping products with absorbent qualities in smaller damp areas such as bathrooms and closets for best results.

Watch out for micro sources of moisture, like sponges and towels: replace them at least every one to two weeks. Ensure clean bath mats are fully dry before you fold or put away. Hang your shower rod so they can dry too.

Secret #02: Get rid of anything that can cause the home to smell bad.

Watch out for micro sources of moisture, like sponges and towels: replace them at least every one to two weeks. Ensure clean bath mats are fully dry before you fold or put away; hang your shower rod so they can dry too.

You may not have noticed it, but your stuff could be smelling bad. Why? It’s because we’re so used to smells fading into the background and then popping up again later on when they are unrecognisable. But there are ways you can tell if something is off or just simply confusing your sense of smell.

A lot of people find these “nose blindness” moments really difficult since most everything around them would start emanating an unfamiliar scent rather than its regular fragrant aroma. However this also leads us astray from noticing certain problems at hand before long-term effects take place.

It’s important to be proactive about your garbage can. The inside and outside should both get cleaned at least once per month (with the lid if applicable). Keep some kitty litter in there so it smells fresh all day long.

To keep your home clean and smelling fresh, you should launder pet beds regularly. Also scoop out the litter box every day if possible. And try using small garbage pails in order to make sure everything gets taken care of on time.

Secret #03: Clean your fridge regularly.

You might be inclined to think that a refrigerator is full of pristine food. But the truth is, most people don’t know what they should do with their old condiments or leftovers—so it’s best if you toss them before they go bad. 

Toss an inventory once per month and make sure there are no expired items in your fridge so nothing goes wrong when someone opens up one day later down the line.  You should do an inventory every month so you can check if everything inside still looks fresh.