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To Go Light Or Dark When Painting A Room?

Colors have an enormous ability to impact a person’s mood and consequently their impression of a room. The colors that you select have real effects on everyone coming in contact with the colors, be it inside a bedroom or an office. Each color has its meanings – useful when the time comes for selecting colors for a room. The colors chosen for the interiors of a house, for instance, determine how much appeal space will have or how unappealing it will be. The following sections are details on what each paint color means and also the best uses for dark paint.

 Bright Colors

These are lively shades of hues like yellow, pink, green, orange and blue. These colors provide feelings of energy, vitality, and brilliance. They also reflect feelings of openness, friendliness, and ease. It is for this reason bright colors are used in kindergartens, play areas, kitchens, and dining rooms. Pink also signifies comfort and reception.

Warm Colors

The typical warm colors are yellow and orange and they have the effect of making a room look ‘hotter’ than usual. Because these are very vibrant colors, they shouldn’t be used in spaces like bedrooms that are usually for tranquil sessions. Orange also stands for freshness, joy, and youthfulness and it is ideal for a kid’s room. Also, yellow is the color of optimism and it can be used in spaces that are considered too dull and need some ‘lighting’ up.

Cold Colors

Rigid green and blue are considered to be cold but they also project tranquility. As a result, they are very good for places like lounging rooms, bedrooms and other spaces where relaxation is the focus or function. Light blue signifies peace and harmony and goes well with many walls and ceilings – it helps ease tension and promotes calmness.

Dark Colors

This is a reference to colors like purple, red, deep shades of blue and green and they often project a melancholic and limiting feeling. However, if they are used properly in the appropriate locations, they can reflect feelings of confidence, safety, relaxation, and even achievements. Deep shades of green also signify productivity, healing or even fertility and can be used in a place like a kitchen or even for your main outer door.

Red: This is a color that signifies strength, vitality, and activity. On the other hand, it can also induce the feeling of fear, violence or even danger in people. For this reason, it is not considered the best choice for a place where children use or frequent but it can be perfect for hairdressing spaces for adults. Red is also a color that signifies confidence, warmth, and courage. It can be used for accessories in different parts of a home or office as appropriate.

Navy Blue: Here is a color that is seen as too formal and not conducive for spaces where a lot of communication and interaction are to be done. These include areas of the homes like the sitting room and the dining sections.