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Tips to Save Energy on Your Apartment

Most energy saving tips for homes require making changes to the overall structure of the building, like installation of double paned windows or insulating the attic. 

However, when it comes to apartments for rent, these alterations are simply impossible. In fact, you might even end up violating your lease if you do a simple change like sealing the window cracks with caulking. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hope to save energy and lower your energy bills. There are some little changes that you can make that could add up to become big improvements. Here are a few tips you can try:

Watch Out for Phantom Power 

Vampire power or phantom power refers to the energy that devices consume if you keep them plugged in without using them at all. Make sure you pull out those cords if you aren’t using your phone charger, toaster, and other devices. 

Use Cold Water When Washing Your Laundry 

A very simple way to save energy in apartments for rent is to use cold water when washing your clothes. Many loads don’t really require hot water. Higher water temperature means higher energy bills for you. 

Keep Your Window AC Unit Sealed Off 

Make sure that the area around your window air conditioner unit is sealed off properly to make sure that it doesn’t do double duty damage. Allowing outside air inside will only offset the purpose of your AC. 

Run Your Dishwasher Only If It is Full 

Running your dishwasher when it is full is the most efficient way of using it. See to it that you load the dishwasher the right way so that all the available space is used up wisely. 

Pay Attention to Your Thermostat 

It is easy to forget about turning off or on the AC units in apartments for rent but it will only cost you more money in the long run. It doesn’t make sense to pay for energy that you don’t use in the first place. Use your thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature. 

Change Your Light Bulbs 

LED light bulbs use up lesser energy than fluorescent bulbs or incandescent light bulbs that make them the best additions to improve the efficiency of apartments for rent. Ask your landlord if it is possible to swap out the current bulbs in your apartment with LED ones.

Regulate Your Refrigerator’s Temperature 

Never keep your refrigerator’s temperature too low since it will use up more energy if the setting is colder. For better food safety and energy efficiency, the recommended setting is 40 degrees Fahrenheit with the freezer set to 0 degrees. 

Close the Blinds When It’s Too Hot 

Nothing is wrong with letting some sunshine into your apartment. However, if it means that it makes your apartment too hot, it only negates the work of your AC unit. You can keep the blinds down in the afternoon or morning, depending on the direction that your apartment faces. 

Energy efficient apartments for rent can follow almost the same tips for homes and the only difference is that these changes might not be permanent. If you think there are some changes that you can do to improve your apartment, talk to your landlord to know if they are willing to help you out.