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Things You Should Know About Damper

The chimney has various components that aid in its functionality. As such, the entire chimney parts ought to be fully functional to enable the fireplace to function safely. A damper is often one of those crucial components of a chimney. While you cannot see it because of its location, a damper is vital. Unfortunately, your damper can cause issues that you cannot notice. That is why you should invest in proper damper installation by hiring certified damper installation washington dc. You need a professional for repair services too. You can also help in the adequate functioning of your damper by paying attention to the chimney’s performance and calling an expert for an inspection.

Damper Position

One of the roles of a damper is to assist with fire ignition in your fireplace. Fire needs oxygen for it to ignite. When you open the fireplace damper, you allow air into the chimney so that fire can ignite. The fire continues to build and let soot, smoke and other contaminants to get out through the chimney when the damper is open. The damper should be partially opened to reduce the oxygen levels in your fireplace so that your house feels warmer than before.

Control Fire

The fireplace damper should remain fully open when igniting a fire. After that, let the fire burn for some minutes before adjusting the damper. You can close the damper partially as you observe the fire. After that, close the damper to about two-thirds to increase the efficiency and intensity of the fire.

Damper Repair

Debris, rodents and moisture that find their way into the flue can result in severe chimney damage. The waste can cause rust to the damper. Also, the high intensity of fire warps the damper over time. As such, it makes it harder to control your damper. That is when you should call a damper expert to inspect it and fix the repairs.

You should comply with the local building codes during your damper installation. You can achieve this by hiring an expert for the installation process. The experts also offer repair services.