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Things that You Should Avoid While Painting Your Home

Often when you start looking the exterior of the house under bright sun during summer, you may notice plenty of flaws in your exterior painting that you had never noticed before. Even most of the colours that you had chosen with so much interest, looks pretty different from the shades shown to you.

Such things can also happen even if you hire a reputed malerfirma Sorø (English meaning is painting company in Sorø) who had assured you to offer perfect finish.

You need to avoid the following few things while you consider painting or repainting your house exterior.

  • Avoiding thorough exterior scrubbing

Often you may put too much pressure about the deadline to your painter and as a result, he may not do a thorough scrubbing of your old painting of the exterior. Sooner or later it starts showing up.

  • Not hiring a contractor who had dealt with removal of lead-based paint removal

We all know that lead is really very harmful for our health and all our houses were painted by using lead based paints. So, before hiring a painter, you must specifically ask whether he has expertise of removing lead-based paints.

  • Rush job

Often your contractor may ask for a week to complete the painting job and you just don’t trust him. You force him to complete within 2 to 3 days, but the results of such hurried job can be noticed after few months.

  • Not considering weather

Most of us know rainy season is not the right time for exterior painting. So, choose summer, a perfect time when paint will also dry soon. However, paint should be allowed to dry slowly.

  • Not using right tool

Many DIY painters try to cut corners and do not buy costly tools and brushes needed for painting. Sooner than later they can find the result of their cost cutting.

  • Not using sufficient paint

You may be quite impressed by looking at the shade, when the shade card was shown to you however after painting, and you’ll find that you are not getting colours as it was shown to you.

Remember that, you must buy 1 gallon paint for every area of 400 square feet.

  • Going for cheaper paint

Paints supplied by all the painting companies may not have same quality and endurance. Not choosing paint of any top rated company can always make lots of difference in the outcome.

  • Not choosing high-value applicators

Often people think about applicators as an afterthought, however choosing quality products will always go long way to offer your house with the prettiest coat.

  • Not covering windows before painting

Many DIY painters often forget to put tape on their windows and doors and as a result, little amount of paint may always get sprayed on them. Remember, professional painters will never forget to do this.

  • Going DIY way

You can certainly not save anything by going DIY way unless you have to paint just your kitchen cabinet or a single wall.