Shopping for a Home Inspector

Buying a home with confidence requires getting a home inspection. A home inspection is your chance to get an objective assessment of the true condition of a home before you finalize the deal. Follow these tips to get an accurate home inspection from the best home inspectors in Philadelphia:

Ask Your Realtor – With Caution

Your realtor is a good resource for reputable home inspectors in your area. That said, sometimes realtors have financial arrangements with inspectors that just might create a conflict of interest. Your agent wants to close the deal, and they aren’t as invested in the quality of the home as you are, so it’s not hard to see why working with an “easy” inspector is a temptation. If you trust your realtor, you can likely trust the inspector they recommend. If you don’t have that kind of relationship with your realtor, it might be best to find your own inspector. 

Use Other Resources

If you’re looking beyond your realtor for recommendations, other good resources include the following:

  • Friend, family, and acquaintances who have recently purchased a home
  • Online community organizations
  • Professional home inspector organizations such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). The websites of these groups include tools that can help you locate an inspector in your area. 

Check Credentials

Home inspector licensing and credentials is a tricky subject to navigate. There are few standards, and they vary wildly from region to region. Plus, having the knowledge required is only part of the equation. Good inspectors know their stuff, and they are thorough, diligent, and conscientious. If your inspector got 100% on the license exam but regularly rushes inspections, you aren’t going to be happy with the end result. So what can you do? At a minimum, it’s a good idea to work with inspectors that work for a company that sets its own standards for training, knowledge, and experience. 

Look at Reports

Another good way to assess the work of an inspector is to view sample reports. Ask for a copy of a report done on a home that’s similar to yours to get an idea of how much work the inspector does during an inspection. After comparing a few reports, you’ll get a general idea of the level of detail each inspector provides. 

Compare the Scope

Make sure you understand what you’re paying for. Some inspectors charge extra for some services, so make sure you understand exactly what will be covered in the fee. And be sure to ask if the inspector will include any special features of your home, such as pools and spas. 

The Bottom Line

A quality home inspection is important to buying a home with confidence. Get the peace of mind you need by hiring the best home inspector.