Renovating a kitchen: smart or unwise?

Is it wise to renovate a kitchen or is a new kitchen a better option? we list the pros and cons for you. We often notice that customers who initially think about a thorough kitchen renovation still opt for a new kitchen. However, this depends entirely on the situation.

Advantages of kitchen renovation

A big advantage of kitchen renovation is that a renovation is often cheaper than installing a new kitchen. And although a kitchen renovation does not cost that much, a kitchen does get a completely new look. For those who would like a new kitchen, but do not have the budget to buy a new kitchen, a kitchen renovation is a perfect option.

Another benefit is an increase in the value of your home. Because a kitchen renovation costs less than installing a new kitchen, it is possible that your home will receive a major increase in value from a kitchen renovation. However, this depends on several factors, such as the layout of the kitchen and the size of the kitchen renovation. Our experts will review the various options with you and choose a tailor-made solution.

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Tip: not a big budget, but a different kitchen? Then replace a few kitchen cabinet doors. By replacing a few doors in a white kitchen, a playful effect can be created.

Disadvantages of renovating kitchen

A kitchen renovation also has several drawbacks. First, the layout of a kitchen is difficult to change. It is possible, but this means that the costs will increase. This shrinks the margin between a kitchen renovation and a new kitchen. In that case, we always advise customers to opt for a new kitchen.

It is also possible that a manufacturer no longer supplies certain sizes of kitchen doors. In that case, our technicians must make custom-made doors. This costs more than ordering new kitchen doors for a new kitchen. In short, it is also more sensible to choose a new kitchen in this case.

A renovated kitchen is not a new kitchen. If your kitchen is falling apart from age, it is not wise to only replace the kitchen worktop or kitchen doors. Your kitchen may look better, but it will only last a few more years. So, take the current state of the kitchen into account.

Do you currently have too much cupboard space? Then choose to expand the kitchen with smart appliances, for example with a wine climate cabinet or an espresso machine. Or place a wide stove!

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Do you have questions about kitchen renovation?

To make it clear for you, we have listed some important questions:

  • Is the current condition of my kitchen good?
  • What do I want to change about my kitchen?

If the kitchen is in good condition and you just want to make some cosmetic changes, a kitchen renovation is a good option.

Not sure yet whether a kitchen renovation is right for you? Or do you not know whether the advantages of renovating a kitchen outweigh the disadvantages? Research how much a kitchen renovation is going to cost!