How to personalise your kitchen?

Kitchen is one place in the house that usually gets associated with the daily grind. Today’s kitchen designs are heart of the abode. The smell of spices cooking, heat from the stove, and the daily routine of meals cooking can make you avoid the kitchen to some extent. To change the equation with your kitchen, here are some handy tips to design a kitchen that’s both highly functional and beautiful. Kitchen is not just the place to cook meals, but one among the favourite places to relax or spend time with friends or family members.

Build for purpose

Customizing the kitchen design lets you for easy prep and cleaning as well.  With the right design, high-end kitchen materials, and a gorgeous vision, you can now have the modern kitchen. The best design should be tailored to the requirements of the people who live in there. It’s important that design should be made in a way that different members of the family can use the space effectively. For example, if you need a kitchen layout for cooking as well entertaining purpose, consider having an island bench that creates space for socialising. Having a large island counter offers extra space for food prep, cooking, and serving dinner to your guests.

Consider the layout

Consider ‘golden triangle’ rule while designing a kitchen; it’s the main link between the fridge, cock top (stove), and sink. The triangle should be built for ease of use that makes an efficient workstation, letting you to perform daily chores easily, such as sliding out the trash bin, washing vessels or vegetables in sink, taking out things from fridge, etc.

Consider storage

Even the modest designs can hide storage units and hence be sure to have enough cabinets, pantries, and shelving. Though you may prefer to have minimalist design, it’s essential to store your kitchen items nicely rather than creating a clutter mess. The easiest way to get the most from storage is to install overhead cabinetry, cupboards and deep drawers, where you can store seasonal items or goods that you hardly use.

Though aesthetics can drive your design, you need to keep functional aspects in mind. Think of the functionality before considering the trend, as your tastes may change over time.

Keep these tips in mind to make your kitchen more personal and inviting. Cuisines Rosemère is an industry leader in kitchen designs. Get in touch with the team if you would like to design a beautiful custom kitchen.