How to measure the toilet seat?

You should know how to measure the toilet seat because it is a critical decision and your comfort depends on it. So, instead of making someone else choose for you, why not choosing yourself?

Efficient Way to Do it

As I mentioned about the significance of this thing, I have also brought for you the efficient method to follow to perfectly measure the toilet seat.

  • The very first thing that I want you to do is to get a measuring tape. Now the next thing is to spot the bolts to which you attach the seat. They are at the very back of the seat and usually are easy to spot.
  • Now the first thing after all that is to measure the distance between those bolts. This is an easy and efficient way to know about the seat measurement quickly.
  • But wait, how would you know about the right measurement? The standard used in the US for this purpose is about 5.5 inches. Thus, you can have a reference out of this and opt for yourself.
  • Next, you have to measure the width of your bowl. So, the width measurement is a critical part, and you have to measure it from the external edges.
  • Place the measuring tape outside of the brim to get accurate results.
  • Once you are done with the width measurement, the next thing to do is measure the length. Now before measuring, let me clarify about two things; for a round bowl, the length that is your reference is about 16 and a half inches, and for a long/elongated bowl, this reading is about 18 and a half inches.
  • So, to measure the length, place one end of the measuring tape in the middle of the bolts (where you attach the seat) and the other end at the extreme form of the bowl. Thus, compare it with the standard now.
  • The last thing that I want you to do is measure the distance between the tank and the bolt holes.
  • This is because special cases like; bidet attachments, seat warmers, raised seats, and other special seats require a minimum clearance between the bolt holes and the tank.
  • If you are going for a specialty, I would suggest you first confirm the minimum clearance required for that specialty and then do the measurements and opt.
  • You can also measure the existing seat for your requirement and satisfaction to get to know about the truth.

The measurements can be highly helpful in getting you a well-suited toilet that will provide you comfort.


I have mentioned arguably the most efficient solution for your toilet seat measurement, and I believe that if you follow the steps in the right way, you will be able to find yourself the most compatible toilet seat. This is how you customize things, and this is how you get what you need. I hope it helped you and I wish you good luck as well!