How to choose a gym mat?

Essential for good fitness and yoga, the gym mat should be comfortable and space-saving. Here are the criteria to choose your gym mat.

To practice gym, stretching, pilates or yoga in comfort and in good conditions, you must be in a quiet, uncluttered and especially have a tapetes para yoga and  tapetes para gimnasio adapted to your practice. The latter protects your body, your back and your joints from friction and shock by absorbing shocks and stabilizing the supports. However, we do not choose a gym mat randomly, there are several dimensions to take into account to practice safely. Take a look at these criteria to choose a gym mat.

A gym mat adapted to his practice Whether you practice gym, yoga or fitness, you will not need the same tapete fitness . The practice of relaxation requires a thick carpet to preserve the body of the soil (heat, cold, humidity …). On the other hand, the practice of the gym or the fitness requires a carpet at the same time slightly thick to absorb shocks, firm to offer a good maintenance, but at the same time fine enough to avoid to bless you with the variation of level. Regarding the yoga mat, you will need more of a thin mat and very adherent for an ideal support. Unlike basic floor mats, it does not curl on itself to provide you with perfect stability and quiet practice.

A gym mat adapted to his needs When choosing your gym mat, you should not only take into account the nature of your business, but also your needs in terms of comfort, quality, but also price. First, look at the size of the rug: a slightly larger floor mat is usually better for comfort, while a smaller rug is often more maneuverable and lighter.