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Finding a mountain property in Boone NC

Boone, a North Carolina (NC) town, has made it to the Forbes 25 best cities in the US to retire in the 2018 list. Being situated in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it has become one of the favorite tourist destinations that welcome numerous people worldwide every season, especially in fall. From the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway to the art scene and the climate, this small town offers stability, adventure, recreational activities, and a thriving, vibrant community. From premier gold courses to hiking, biking, botanical gardens, boating, fishing, and even skiing and snow sports in the winter, Boone offers boundless opportunities.

So how about investing in a mountain property in Boone, NC? There is no denying that investing in real estate is an investment for today and the future. However, choosing the North Carolina mountains for your retirement or vacation home is much more than an investment opportunity. When you decide to buy a property in this area, you choose one of the most desirable residential areas in the country.

However, buying a mountain property is not going to be a cakewalk. It may not be enough to search for a mountain property for sale without specifying the place. There are several things you need to consider before closing the deal. Continue reading and explore the elements you need to look out for when buying a mountain vacation home.

Types of vacation home

Different mountain properties are available in NC, and some are peculiar to specific locations. There are log homes that are classic and maybe rare and pricey. Then comes A-frames which are merely scenic because of modern architecture and others include one-room and family modular homes. These homes are built with quality, comfort, and class in mind. Out of all available options, modular homes seem to be the most affordable option for people looking for a perfect vacation home get-away.


After deciding upon the type of mountain property, the next thing is the location. There is no denying that the kind of mountain property you choose depends on the area you prefer, and the most favorable location will be specified by your budget. You will find a plethora of dream mountain properties in Boone, NC, but not every property will cater to your specific preferences and fit your budget. This is because the property’s location affects your costs and dictates what type of home you can shop for. So while deciding on the location, it is vital to determine your budget. Besides this, you also need to calculate the distance from your hometown and, most importantly, how accessible the location is.

Additional expenses

Owning a mountain property is expensive, and it is not just the price of purchasing the house that will cost you. Like every other type of property, you need to consider the additional expenses when buying the mountain property. Utilities, HOA fees, property taxes, specialty insurances, maintenance and cleaning services, and various costs must be factored into your buying budget.


Since you are purchasing a mountain property in Boone, NC, as a vacation home, you won’t be staying in that home most of the time. So renting it out would be a lucrative idea. Imagine how profitable it would be to own a rental property in the heart of North Carolina. This can be an easy way to earn some extra money from. However, for this, you need to ensure that the property is rentable and it is a kind of property that people will love to spend time in.

So, if your goal is to own a mountain property in Boone, NC, jump into the real estate market of NC and find the most reputed and trustworthy realtor.