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Few Great Ideas To Combine Function and Style for Your Garage Conversion 

Many of you must have never thought that your underused garage can also serve a much better purpose rather than making it just for storing clutter. Whether you are looking for a  rental income or you need a little space for your adult child or you want to increase the resale value of your home, here are a few great ideas for you.

You may prefer to hire Novak as your garage conversion contractor if you are living in California, who has more than 15 years of experience in taking up all kind of renovation projects and can also offer a few great ideas.

  • Use your narrow ex-garage for creating a multi-purpose space

The old garage that you are using as a storage space rather than your car, can be converted into an office along with a utility room and with a toilet and shower facility.  

With the help of Novak, you can use the full depth and width of the original structure to provide utility, then you can extend it towards your garden to create space for your home office along with toilet/shower room.

  • Create from a converted garage a new kitchen diner 

It is an ideal opportunity to create an open-plan kitchen-diner together with living space. With this garage conversion idea, you can make a great difference to the value of your home. 

Novak has helped many homeowners to convert their garage area to create a larger kitchen-diner instead of unnecessary spending on extending their house. With the available space within their integral garage, a new space was created to accommodate a kitchen, a utility, dining space, and cloakroom.

  • Replace your garage doors with a consistent architecture

Your contractor can ensure the material, brickwork, and windows for replacing your garage doors will match quite well with your existing house. This can help to blend with your exterior design of the house much better after the garage conversion.

The top of your garage door is often lower in height in comparison with other windows and doors on your ground floor. You must discuss all these with your contractor. 

  • Create a double-story conversion for maximum opportunities

If your garage size is a little larger than an average single-car garage and also has a good ceiling height then it will offer great potential for conversion. You can create a galleried sleeping area and also one kitchen with a dining space, living area as well as a shower room. 

Sound insulation can be added to your walls, and the floor can be further dugged down for creating extra height of the roof. 

  • Get into your converted garage a little more natural daylight

After the garage conversion, you may fit in a few extra windows to offer a feeling of more space and also allow more natural light to enter into the space.

Whenever you think about a garage conversion, then Novak Remodeling will be the one-stop shop, particularly in Los Angeles. They can create for you a master plan, to understand what your project entails.