Home Improvement

Easy Ways To Update Your Home

Are you bored of your house? Does it seem outdated? Perhaps the fabrics of your couches have started to wear out, or the rooms seem to be getting darker, even though nothing has changed. Don’t fret if you need to make some changes but don’t want to spend a fortune. You can make some small, cost-effective changes that will make a huge impact.

Change the Curtains

If you’ve had your window coverings Newmarket for a long time, chances are they need to be replaced. Even high-quality, durable fabric eventually starts to wear out. The sun fades the color and beings to thin the fabric out. Additionally, dust and grime floating in the air build up on the curtains, and they can be hard to adequately clean.

If you want to choose a darker color when choosing replacement curtains, consider using a thinner fabric. Thick, heavy, darkly colored fabrics can easily take over a space causing it to feel smaller. Additionally, choose a color that enhances the colors in other parts of the room but isn’t necessarily a perfect match.

Change the Paint

Just like your curtains, paint colors fade over time. Additionally, paint in high traffic areas can start to wear and chip after a while. Updating the paint in your home is a relatively inexpensive way to change the entire feel of the house. Use complementary colors throughout the whole house. If you want a statement piece, consider doing an accent wall with a stark contrast in colors or a unique design, like a chevron pattern.

Change the Slipcovers

Do your couches and chairs still have a lot of life in them, but the fabric is on its last leg? Slipcovers could be precisely what you need. They tightly cover every surface of the piece of furniture and usually attach with elastic pieces, so they have a bit of give to them. When choosing new slipcovers, be adventurous. You can change the entire color theme of your house by using them.