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Can You Use a Pressure Washer to Clean a Fence?

All of us know that pressure washing can do wonders in no time, as in just a few minutes, you can make your worn-out sidewalk, driveway, or fence looks brand new. The pressure washing cleaning methods tend to damage a plethora of surfaces as they can not only rip off the dirty but also paint. They could also cause some irreparable damage. Even at the lowest setting, the majority of the pressure washers tend to be quite powerful when used on the living tree. You can indeed use a power washer with heat, steam, or hot water to clean a fence of any material effectively if you have some mildewed or stained area on the property.

Thanks to the powerful spray tend to transform your patios, siding, and driveways. Above all, the pressure washers are pretty safer and efficient if you use them on solid surfaces or even intimate stuff. You tend to risk damaging the tree permanently if you choose to pressure wash the trunk loaded with moss, scales, and mold.

Types fences that can benefit from pressure washing

  • Wooden
  • Aluminum
  • Stone of any kind
  • Vinyl
  • Irion and other metals

You need to ensure that the experts from the power washing company keep the chemical damage as minimal as possible, and do a great service. The pressure washers tend to feature a separate reservoir for the best possible solutions.

Fence Cleaning and Washing in Chicago

All in all, it looks easy to wash and restore your fence. But it really takes a lot of time if you don’t have the right supplies and equipment. A good idea is to get some affordable service to do the job for you. Make sure to read some reviews online Bark is a perfect site for such home improvement tasks and services.

Such companies will send a technician to strip the lingering, the old paint, and all the dirt from the fences by using chemicals and a power washer. In places with a harsh climate like Chicago, you should renovate your fence washed and cleaned at least once a year. Otherwise, you risk costlier repairs in the future.


Once you have removed the paint and the top layer of damaged wood, you need to wait for the fence to dry up.

Now get the tools and materials ready: fence varnish, paint brush, wrench, and cordless drill, and Wood preservative. Thigh up some screws, add a new one if need. Then start applying the sealer with the brush. Pretty straightforward process, but it always does its magic.

Doing a quality job is a sure way to improve your curb appeal and, most importantly, the longevity of your fence.


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