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Buying a Home for Sale in Portugal

With many homes for sale in Portugal on the beach, you may be considering a purchase.

Benefits of Buying in Portugal

There are severalbenefits of buying in Portugal and the real estate market has been quietly booming for years. The country has gained the consistent interest of overseas property investors and those seeking a second home or a place for retirement. It’s truly accessible and there are several airports to keep residents connected.

The economy is strong and stable and backed by the EU, which means that it’s an ideal place to invest in some property. Some locations in the country are creating wealth for property owners that can be up to 10%. The property prices are rising and have steadily grown over the last 18 months. The Algarve region tends to have the largest capital increase. There is good infrastructure and it has been progressively modernized.

Portugal remains a place where tax planners can thrive and it’s still possible to buy in the country using an offshore company. There is a sunny climate, which many retirees enjoy. Summers are dry and hot but there is the benefit of the cool sea breezes for homes on the beach. Winters can vary depending on the region you are in, but golf can be played year-round. Even though Portugal may be home to some of the most desirable golf areas, it’s still one of the most affordable places to live in Europe, especially as you get away from the exclusive areas of the Algarve.

How to Find Homes for Sale in Portugal on the Beach

The easiest way to find property you are interested in buying in the country is to contact an experienced local real estate agent. You want an agent who is registered with the government and has a license number. Real estate agents work on behalf of the seller, so you won’t need to pay any agent fees when buying property. Keep this in mind and take some independent advice before you jump into buying property. The Algarve is one of the top locations and, with over 30 top golf courses, it’s attracting the big-spending golf communities. The other benefits include the beaches, star restaurants, good health care, private clinics, tennis centers, and more.

Tips for Looking at Homes for Sale in Portugal on the Beach

When looking at different homes, you don’t want to rush the process. Get familiar with the location and different types of properties you are considering. You also want to research residency laws for non-nationals. It helps to learn the lifestyle and get to know the people. Independent advice is always the best type of advice and you don’t want to be pressured by any pushy salesmen.