Antique Pieces and Their Restoration

Antique pieces hold a significant role in the history of human life. They reflect the life of past eras. Antiques have a high value in modern civilization. Lots and lots of antique pieces are found by archaeologists in many places throughout the world. As these antique pieces are recovered from mud and are often found in bad conditions, they need to be cleaned. To bring them back to good condition antique pieces are restored. Restoration leads to enhancing the value of the antique piece. Antique restoration Chicago is done very perfectly without any flaws retrieving its original form. Here are some handy tips to be followed while deciding on restoration. No matter in which condition they are found, antiques need perfect finishing restoration. A few people tend to give the pieces to companies to restore them, while others do it by themselves. Let’s see which one is better.

Lending It To Someone Vs Doing It By Yourself

  • If the antique piece found is big and is in very good condition then an expert is needed. Only the experts can bring it back to the original shape and shine. Antique restoration in Chicago purely focuses on enhancing the value of the antique piece. Hence, lending it to someone is the perfect choice when the antique is huge.
  • Small antique pieces like hand mirrors, wall hangings, and furniture like chairs, small cupboards are a bit easy to restore. So, these small things can be done all by yourself. They do not need an expert for restoration.

Is restoring antique pieces and furniture worth it?

The worth of an antique piece depends on the perspective of a person. If you are a person who loves antique pieces and knows the real value of them then you can restore them and keep them for yourself.

If you don’t have the interest and excitement to collect and preserve them, then you can restore them and put them for auction.


  • When the restoration is being done for furniture, make sure it is not refinished. Refinishing furniture may decrease the value of the piece. The unique design may not be as expected. So, avoid refurnishing.
  • Oil finishing gives a balmy look to the antique piece. So, using oils like linseed and adding shine to it can be useful. 
  • Using oil soap and warm water will help in removing the dirt on the antique piece. 

We hope these handy tips help you in restoring antiques.