A Chair As A Bedside Table

Of all the issues that might arise in the bedroom, the most life-altering and sad is having to get out of bed, and there is nowhere within range to put the glass of water, night light, reading material, or anything else that keeps you awake at night. That is to say, not having a bedside table is no longer an excuse. What’s the good news?

Your selections in this category are nearly limitless. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking style inspiration and are required to get inventive because you wouldn’t want to waste cash on one or don’t have room for more furnishings. Continue reading for twenty unique bedside table designs, as well as a few traditional options for the purists.

You can try several fantastic bedside tables!

Table Rockers 

Modern rocker chairs as bedside table are fun and soothing to sit in, and they make fantastic bedroom decorative items. They also slightly tip forward to make it easier to put on shoes! This is a contemporary take on a classic. These teen bedroom chairs have heavy-duty, smooth plastics and edgy structural support bars, making them ideal for use as adolescent bedroom chairs.

A chair on the side

In the right setting, even a plain old side chair may seem sophisticated. The undone elegance is enhanced by the open bedding & makeshift dining chairs sectional sofa.

A chair as a bedside table for a console

Having two bedrooms against the walls, one dining chair between them keeps the room seeming sleek and clutter-free.

Table for reading

This mid-century contemporary muted fabric armchair with a sleek curving wingback shape looks quite sophisticated in this gloomy dramatic atmosphere. A classic style is created by the buttoned back, while plain wooden legs add a modern touch.

Cart with a bar

That bedroom table is a bar cart (from the Whole Home concept house)! Everything becomes a side table if you would like it to be (well, to an extent, but you get the idea).

Shelf that floats

To reduce floor space while still having a place to keep your bedtime items, attach a floating bookshelf or small floating desk to the wall. The tiny floating desk breaks up the wall well in this minty monochrome bedroom.

Coffee table

It’s an excellent substitute for a bedside table. This is really simple and subtle, letting the thought-provoking art and bright yellow bed take the stage.