5 Silent Signs That Your Roof is Failing

Along with roof repairs, a full roof replacement can be a burden on your wallet. If roof repairs costs are too high for you, one possible solution is to have roof replacement materials installed instead of the originals.

If roof repair costs are something that concerns you and roof replacement is not an option at the moment, there are ways to tell if your roof is failing without hiring roofing contractors or roof inspectors. The following 5 signs indicate that it might be time for you to replace your roof:

1. Dark Spots Appearing on Your Ceiling

The ceiling in any room of the house is usually lighter than other areas due to exposure to sunlight. As roof leaks and damage occurs, dark spots begin appearing everywhere; especially under beams where water does not usually reach. The roof is usually the culprit of roof leaks and roof damage but not all dark spots on your ceiling are caused by roof leaks or roof damage.

2. Flashing Deterioration

Another sign that your roof may be failing is deteriorated flashing.     When metal roof flashing deteriorates, it begins to rust and lose its ability to endure weather conditions. As a result, water can begin to leak through the roof into your house when you least suspect it will happen. If this occurs frequently, it could mean that your roof needs repair or even replacement.

3. Cracked Panes in Glazed Windows

At times we tend to neglect small cracks and holes on windows until they become bigger issues later on; this is also true with roofing. Roof tiles and roof shingles crack over time, due to age or weather conditions, leaving small openings on your roof that cause roof damage. Even though roof replacement might not seem necessary if you spot a small hole in your roof, roof repair may be the safest way to preserve the life of your roof.

4. Strong Odour Surrounding Your House

Another sign that indicates that it’s time for roof replacement is when there is a strong odor emitting from inside or around your house. Most of the time this odour is actually caused by mold growth, which can be hazardous to both people and animals living in the house as well as plants growing nearby. When mold starts being a problem for you and your family, roof replacement might be the best choice.

5. Shingles Darkening in Colour

If roof shingles begin darkening or changing colours, it is a sign that roof replacement should be done as early as possible. Roof materials do not usually change colour over time; roof damage causes roof shingles’ features to diminish. This will need roof repairs before you consider roof replacement since roof replacement can cost quite a lot of money and roof repair may work just fine. Replacing roof shingles could also result in further damage so only get roof replacements when absolutely necessary.

It is very important to act as soon as you see any of these 5 signs. Sometimes a small hole on your roof seems like nothing until it starts causing leaks inside your house, or roof shingles that are beginning to darken seem like they can be roof repair and roof replacement. Whatever the case may be, roof replacement is expensive but roof repairs for minor issues could cost you more in the future without help from roofing professionals.