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3 Tips for Maintaining Measuring Tools

Measuring instruments are designed to provide consistent and repeated results. Calipers, micrometers and dial indicators can have resolutions down to the thousandths of an inch. Taking proper care of these delicate tools will ensure that they maintain that accuracy for years to come. If certain techniques are not followed then it can put the validity of measurements into question. Implement the following practices into your company procedures to keep measurement equipment operating smoothly.

  1. Lubrication

Most instruments come from the factory pre-lubricated. Tools will then need to be regularly lubricated while in service. The frequency will depend on where it is used and how often. Another thing to know is that not all oils are made the same. Conventional oil can be gummy and attract dirt and dust that will clog up the inner workings of instruments. When you terminology such as precision oil Spartanburg SC then you’ll know that type of oil is formulated specifically for delicate tools.

  1. Handling

Some tools can be bent or damaged with ease. Accidents do happen, but promoting safe handling techniques can benefit in the long run. Tools should not be left in areas where they can be hit, dropped or otherwise fall onto a hard floor. Care should be taken not to expose tools to extreme environments. Too much heat, cold or moisture may not be suitable for many pieces of equipment.

  1. Calibration

All tools should measure flawlessly out of the box. Repeated use or poor handling practices can introduce drift or bias into measurements. This is why every instrument should be periodically calibrated to ensure it is performing as intended.

Tools that are not properly maintained can be costly. Product can be sent out of specification, or new tools will constantly need to be bought to replace broken ones. Handling them with care will provide consistency and extend the life of the equipment.


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