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3 Signs Something Has Gone Wrong With Your Septic System

Not every household is able to make use of a public sewer system to dispose of their waste. The common alternative is underground tanks that treat wastewater with natural and technological methods such as solids settling called septic systems.

If you live in a more rural area, chances are you are one of the over one in five households (estimate by the Environmental Protection Agency) who doesn’t have access to a city sewage system and had to have septic installation Antioch instead. The city maintains public sewage systems, but those with septic systems do not have the option of public repair services, so it is important to keep an eye out for signs of problems. Therefore you must look for trusted residential septic tank cleaning lancaster pa services and get your systems updated.

1. Drainage Problems 

One of the most obvious indicators of a septic system failure is slow or poor drainage in sinks, showers and bathtubs. The problem may also get to the point where water is not only having difficulty draining, but is actually beginning to back up in your drains and toilets. 

2. Bad Odors

Another signal you should take note of is a bad smell. This can be present in your yard around the septic system and drain field or plumbing fixtures, or even in your home. A nasty stink generally means something is not working properly (broken pipe, overflowing, etc.), though it could also be caused by gases or substances like grease in the tank. 

3. A Change in the Ground

Unusual pools of water or damp patches in your yard are a sign that your septic system can no longer take in wastewater and it is overflowing. If the grass around your drain field has suddenly taken on a brighter, more unnatural green hue than normal, it may owe its appearance to nutrient-enhanced wastewater, which can have a similar effect to fertilizer.

If you suspect a septic system failure, it is imperative to seek help. Besides the discomfort of a broken system, there are certain environmental and health regulations governing septic systems that need to be obeyed and may not be if yours isn’t working right.