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What You Should Know Before Hiring A Local Electrician

Property owners and manager always have their work cut out for them. They have to ensure that not only are their premise operating above government and local regulations but that they are well maintained as well. There are certain aspects of this job that you can handle yourself and others that require the help of a professional. Electrical work is one of them.  As much as you can plan the budget for a complex renovation plan, speaking to local electricians will help you get a better understanding of the task ahead and how you can prepare for it.

As you know, working with electricity is extremely dangerous and to a certain degree, DIY approaches may work, but more complex projects will need trained hands. In Australia, however, it is a legal requirement for homeowners, and property owners and managers to get in touch with an electrician to perform repairs. So, if you need to install new wiring, to connect a new heating system, installing power points and other major electrical works are prerequisites for a professional local electrician to handle.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to know before hiring an electrical expert.

Regulations and Licensing

Hiring an unlicensed local electrician is illegal in Australia and so is practising any unlicensed electrical work. There are also financial penalties that you and the “electrician” could be liable to pay a sum of up to $40.000. The worst-case scenario, and often a likely one, is that it poses a serious risk on the safety of your family and occupants’ lives and their health.

As much as regulations differ from states and territories relating to electrical work, it is important that you follow guidelines stipulated in your state and make sure that your local electrician is licensed before hiring them.

In order for an electrician to work in the field, they need to have taken one of the different license courses available and that course will determine what kind of electrician they fall under. You can find all the information on their physical license. An expiry date of their license, along with their name, number, and address can be found on the license. It takes up to 5 years for the license to expire.

If your electrician is undergoing their training, which can happen, make sure that they work under a supervisor who is fully licensed.

The Process of Choosing an Electrician

Choosing a qualified local electrician is the best decision you’ll ever make. Just as with any other contractor, electricians also specialise in different areas, although some will be the jacks of all trades. Whether they specialise in repairing and installing technical machinery and appliances or strictly work with telecommunications, medical equipment, audiovisual or working on industrial equipment, you can find the right fit for your needs.

It kind of sound simple enough to find the right local electrician, right? Well, with the right information at hand, it should. It’s not only about asking friends and family member or someone in the neighbourhood. There’s so much more.

The internet is often the best place to start. There is a ton-load of information to help you find experienced and exceptional electrician (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now). You can look up a local electrician in online directories, local forum, online communities or on trade classified platform. During this search, you’ll be able to compare different electricians and see what others have to say about their services.

Before hiring a local electrician, you want to make sure you ask them details about the following:

  • If they are licensed
  • Whether they have insurance
  • Do they provide written quotes
  • Whether they can provide you with references
  • What their rates are and whether they have fixed or hourly rates
  • What they’re schedules are like or whether they work according to your availability

There’s so much you can ask. And with every question, pay close attention to their responses. How they interact and answer your questions is a big determining factor.

If you’re looking for a local electrician, speak to our team Bellingers Electrical Contracting. We’re always happy to hear from you and answer any and all of your questions.