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3 Great Backyard Features That Will Inspire Your Kids to Be Active

It’s no secret that physical activity plays a huge role in the overall mental and physical health of children. A foolproof way to inspire kids to get moving is to add entertainment to your outdoor space. Here are three backyard upgrades that will encourage your kids to head outdoors for some active entertainment.

  1. Install a Swimming Pool

Kids can’t resist the magic of a backyard swimming pool. You can go grand with your project and install a custom in-ground pool or go for the quick and easy route and choose an above-ground model. You’ll still be able to outfit the pool with plenty of options that will encourage activity and movement, such as a diving board, waterslide or even a pool basketball hoop. No matter what pool you choose, you need to ensure that your kids are safe as they use it. Professional water testing Pittsburgh will give you the peace of mind that the water is safe for play.

  1. Add Backyard Games

No matter what age they are, kids always enjoy some friendly competition. If you have a level area of turf in your backyard, you could turn this into a mini basketball court. Alternatively, remove the turf and replace it with artificial grass to create a putting green that your kids will love.

  1. Create a Custom Playground

Getting your kids outdoors is easy if you install a custom playground complete with classic features like a slide, monkey bars and a pair of swings. Older kids can use a play area too, but consider giving them more of a challenge by creating a custom obstacle course. Obstacles like a rope swing, rock-climbing wall and balance beam will give your kids a fun-filled challenge.

With all the high-tech entertainment options that are available, it can be tough to get kids off the couch. By following these tips, you’ll create