Home Improvement

3 Easy Upgrades To Update Your Home

Having your home repainted costs thousands of dollars. New landscaping is hundreds of hours of work. Updating your home, however, can be easy and cost-effective when you start with one of these three items.

  1. New Ceiling Lights

Sometimes you forget to look up and notice that your lighting makes your house look dated. If you’re still rocking the same fans from 1980 with the four tulip lights, it’s time to check in with your local lighting specialist who can hook you up with brands like Savoy House Lighting Tampa FL, or wherever you call home. People may not notice the fixtures, but they’ll notice you’ve done something that modernizes your home.

  1. Update Your Hardware

While not everyone will look up at your lighting, people will notice the items they touch, including door handles and cabinet pulls. You don’t have to buy all new kitchen cabinets either, just invest in nice hardware to clean up your look and easily modernize your kitchen. Hardware can do more than you think to change the look of your home. If your front doorknob is peeling and faded, a quick change creates an inviting entry. For your kitchen hardware, the shape and style you choose can give your kitchen a completely new vibe.

  1. Add Plants

Finally, an even easier step that requires no installation is to run out and buy a few houseplants. Houseplants give a finishing touch to your home but they’ll do more than impress your neighbors. Houseplants have been shown to reduce air pollutants, elevate your mood and increase your productivity. In return, you just need to give them some light and water.

Sure, having an all-new kitchen is a dream and a backyard that looks like something off the TV wouldn’t hurt, but when it’s just not in the budget, don’t despair. Little changes can make a big difference.